Accounting / Information Technology / Administration

One manager is responsible for all these disciplines. This dynamic group often seems to work in the background but their support is critical to our success.

Our Accounting Department supports all facets for our business. The support they provide to the Construction Department is vital in helping them to proactively manage our projects and ensure they stay on budget. Whether it is entering purchase orders into our software system, administering payroll, paying invoices, or entering budget information on each project, our Accounting team is diligent to ensure that everything is done according to procedure and on time.

This group provides countless administrative functions that often times go unnoticed. All employee benefits and any Human Resources functions are handled by this group. Whether it involves the Wellness Award to promote healthy living and a healthy work environment, the flexible spending accounts for employees, or the management of our 401(k) accounts, the administration of it all is handled by this hard working and committed group of employees.

Our Information Technology (IT) Coordinator interfaces daily with members from every department to ensure systems are operating efficiently. Because our company invests in cutting edge technology our IT Coordinator is constantly analyzing potential upgrades to make our company more efficient and in turn more competitive. We are in the implementation phase of purchasing and installing a new accounting software system that will provide cohesiveness and streamline our processes throughout our organization.

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