Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming more prevalent in today’s construction industry. There are many advantages for the customer, general contractor, miscellaneous trader contractors, and design professionals to utilize 3-D modeling software to deliver a project on schedule and within its budget.

During the construction phase, design flaws can be avoided and corrected before ever breaking ground. BIM drawings also give fabricators an opportunity to create an effective pre-construction plan. S.P. McCarl & Company, Inc’s pre-construction team reviews each project to determine what materials may need to be fabricated within our own pipe and sheet metal shops while also creating a fabrication schedule that aligns with the field’s needs. The project management team utilizes BIM software within a different capacity. Prior to construction, the project manager will work with the pre-construction team to create a fabrication schedule and work plan that will execute the project to contract specifications. Once construction has commenced, the project management team can feed information back into the 3-D model if any changes occur. Sharing this new information will help promote communication allowing the entire job site to function similar to a single team rather than individual units.

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