Business Development

Our Business Development Department leads the vision for the direction and future of our company. This group is responsible to analyze the markets to see how to best utilize our skills and attributes to successfully grow our business. In an ever changing environment and with a dynamic and challenging global economy it is hard to predict what tomorrow may bring. We know that to thrive in today's economy one cannot be afraid to look for new and better ways to operate.

Our Business Development team is typically the first group from S. P. McCarl & Company, Inc. to interact with our new customers. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service and to support you with quick responsiveness. Our mission is to make your life and your job easier by knowing that in times of need S. P. McCarl & Company, Inc. is always there.

Business Development works with new and existing customers to determine how S. P. McCarl & Company, Inc. can service their needs. Whether a project is large or small, weeks or years away, Business Development personnel coordinate with the customer to learn as much about the project as possible. This helps us to proactively plan so that we can be well prepared to provide accurate estimates and build the project successfully.

Our company seeks customers that share our philosophy about the importance of long term relationships. It is our goal to create win/win opportunities for everyone we work with. For the last decade the Business Development Department has focused on establishing relationships with companies that recognize the value of teaming or partnering. We believe that when teams collaborate from initial project concept that it leads to higher quality, lower cost, and quicker project delivery and completion. This success is of course dependent on trust as well as excellent experience and skill. We have been very successful establishing these types of relationships over the last decade. This proven success is what excited us as a company to roll out our new vision in 2010 which was:

“To be your trusted partneralways there for each other.”

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