Construction / Safety

S. P. McCarl & Company, Inc. understands that a project's success is dependent on the planning process before job mobilization. Our preconstruction team works closely with the Estimating Department as well as the Project Managers, Superintendents, and Site Foremen to develop a plan before we begin work at the job site. Together they analyze the greatest challenges anticipated on each project and determine what can be fabricated in the shop for maximum efficiency. Before we have the first meeting with our customer on site it is our intention to build the job in our minds so that we can be efficient from day one.

Our CAD operators are important members of the Construction Department. Before site mobilization, on many projects our CAD operators provide 3D coordination drawings to ensure no collisions before site work begins. This is one critical step in our pre-planning process to ensure the project runs efficiently and that things are done right the first time, every time.

Our Project Managers monitor projects daily to ensure we stay on time and on budget. They work with the customer and other site personnel to address any situations that occur and proactively manage the jobs to anticipate challenges or issues. When the unexpected occurs our Project Managers have the experience and training to find solutions as well as the support of the preconstruction team, management as well as the Superintendents.

Since safety is such an important part of The McCarl Way®” of doing business, our Safety Coordinator works closely with our construction team. When a project is assigned our Safety Coordinator works closely with the preconstruction team, the Project Manager and Superintendents to assess any concerns. Together they implement a site specific safety plan which includes daily safety huddles to stay focused, especially important with the dynamic nature of most job sites. Both the Project Manager and the Site Foremen hold employees accountable for following our safety procedures. The Safety Coordinator makes frequent surprise visits to assess the job site conditions and monitor the actions of our employees.

All the Construction Department employees work cohesively whether they report daily to the job site or support the project primarily from our office. Effective and proven project management procedures along with an experienced and dedicated staff are the cornerstone to the success of our Construction Department.

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