Process Piping

Our tremendous depth of experience working in industrial facilities has allowed us to work on just about any type of process piping system. For many decades we have worked for numerous customers in industries such as: automotive, chemical, food processing, glass, petroleum, pharmaceutical, power & energy, pulp & paper, steel, water & waste water. We have built cogeneration plants using varying fuel sources such as the traditional (i.e. fuel oil and natural gas) to the progressive green movement (i.e. wood chips, landfill gas, and waste).

With our well trained crafts persons and experienced managers, S. P. McCarl & Company, Inc. is able to respond to each company’s individual needs and design processes. Our leaders have the knowledge to work closely with our customers to define project needs as a team even when the scope is unclear. We have partnered with customers in the past on some of the most complex process piping system upgrades with little design clarity. Leveraging our depth of experience enables us to partner with our customers to overcome the most challenging obstacles with a continuous focus on quality and schedule. The top priority for every project will always be the safety of our personnel, the customer, the job site, and the surrounding community.

S. P. McCarl & Company, Inc. offers complete process piping systems, including:
Stainless Steel,
Carbon Steel,
Special Alloy,
Double Containment,

Services & Systems

S. P. McCarl & Company, Inc. has vast experience in process piping. Below is a sample of project types we have completed in the past.
Agricultural Piping Systems Instrumentation & Greasing Systems
Ash Handling & Lime Slurry Pipe Systems Lubricating & Greasing Systems
Compressed Gas Pipeline Systems Manufactured Chemical Systems
Coolant Reclaiming Systems Manufactured Gas Systems
Double Containment Piping Systems (Certified) Pneumatic Air Systems
Fuel Piping Systems Power Boiler Installations
Food, Dairy, Beverage Systems Power Boiler Maintenance
Gasoline Pipeline Systems Process Water Systems
Hydraulic Piping Systems Resin & Acid Piping Systems
Infiltration Water Systems Vacuum Cleaning Systems

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