Support Services

Our Purchasing Manager is responsible for all the duties in the Support Services Department. This hard working group coordinates closely with the Construction Department throughout the duration of every project. Our Purchasing Manager works with the preconstruction team at the onset of the planning process and takes the lead working with the project managers in buying the materials and equipment for each project.

Our purchasing personnel strive to get the best value on all the materials needed to complete the job. They seek close relationships with our suppliers to ensure not only quality products but also excellent customer service so that materials arrive on site when needed to stay on schedule. This can be a very challenging task and requires thorough planning and organization. They must also have the ability to respond quickly when unexpected changes occur in the field.

The Support Services team provides maintenance, tracking, and delivery of all tools needed and ensures they are delivered and picked up on time. The employees from this department decide the best course of action when a tool needs repaired or replaced. They are also responsible for the coordination of all equipment rentals for our projects.

In addition to working hard to ensure timely deliveries for everything needed to support our projects, this great group of employees is responsible for maintenance of all our facilities including our office space in Altoona, our metal fabrication shop, our pipe fabrication shop, and our warehouse.

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